Super alumnos!

Un curso genial, gracias Ben por la paciencia que has tenido con nosotros y por compartir tus conocimientos con tus súper alumnos! 🤗🐳

Claudia Orts

No probs!

Ben is a great Course Director! When i did my IDC he could teach us the Knowledge in a good balance of having fun and take it serously. I pass my IE without problems.
I enjoyed to have him as a teacher!

Highest scores

Ben is an excellent CD with great knowledge. Passed my IE without any problem and highest scores.
Thank you Ben!

Andreas Westphal

Great Journey

精彩的一段旅程!Ben确实是个天才 有着令人羡慕的经验及经历 精通7国语言以及各种极限运动 潜水经验丰富 课程很紧凑 基本都是干货 感觉两周时间学了很多有用的知识,就算不潜水也能应用到日常生活
总之 跳出舒适圈 去探索吧!

Great journey! Ben is indeed a genius with enviable experience and experience and experienced in 7 languages and various extreme sports diving experience. Very Compact, basically dry goods feel like I have learned a lot of useful knowledge in two weeks. Apply to everyday life
Anyway, jump out of the comfort zone to explore!


Jason wang

Balance between fun and serious


Also i did my IDC with Ben, he is a great course director with a nice balance between fun and be serious and strict. its a lot to learn in differnt ways of fun in practical parts.

Besides it offers information about what is happening around the diving with environment and courses its a wonderful facebook page to follow to see new informations.

After the IDC ben have still contact with the most students what he had ( also stil with me) you can ask him everything and he take his time for you and give you answer to your questions.

Thank you ben , to be such a nice course director and a nice person.

Mario Kaempfer
Neptune diving adventures

Top notch CD

Ben is a top notch CD. 👏🏾 Never a dull moment through my idc and make sure everyone is at their best before IE. He makes learning fun and interesting and I’ll forever grateful for his wisdom. Can’t recommend him enough. You’ll not regret it, I promise!

Marsha amed
Eurodivers Maldives

Highly recommended!

Ben is an excellent course director. Extremely knowledgeable and motivating. He’s quite strict and won’t accept failure from his candidates, but also uplifting when needs be. Highly recommend Dive Zenith!

Paul A. Thompson

Great scores on the exam!

Scored 3 100’s on the Theory Exams! Great materials for studying and great location to do your IDC  good job Ben!Chie defino mermaid


J’ai passé en juin 2018 mon idc à Seaquest avec Ben et Bass comme course directeur ce fut une formidable expérience.
De part le pédagogie des professeurs qui n’hésitent jamais à revenir sur un sujet où vous éprouvez des difficultés et de plus Ben est un formidable polyglotte ce qui facilite la communication en cas d’incompréhension.

Au sujet du cadre de travail le centre se trouve directement sur la plage d’Alona avec accès au speed boat a 20 mètres et dispose d’une grande salle de classe. En plus de cela le centre est directement rattaché à l’Oasis resort qui dispose d’une piscine dans un magnifique jardin tropical où vous exercerez vos skills. Pour tout cela Seaquest dispose d une logistique exceptionnelle.

Je tiens à remercier mes compagnons de classe ainsi que les idc staffs pour leurs aides et les bons moments passés sous et en-dehors de l’eau.

Lagane Jeremy

Jeremy Lagane

Strongly recommended

Ben is an excellent teacher, mentor and source of inspiration. He pushes his candidates to their limits, but also knows when to put on the brakes and motivate them. It was an honor to study under Ben and I am extremely grateful for everything he taught us. I strongly recommend Ben as a course director, he will ensure your readiness not just for the IE but also for what follows after it.

Thanks Ben,

Paul A. Thompson

Paul A. Thompson

Full potential

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your effort and support during the IDC.
I came to IDC not very confident but you changed it all for me within the 2 weeks of intense training. You made sure we all are up to our full potential before you sent us off for Instructor Examinations and due to that fact we all passed and did so well and came out as instructors in the end.

Thank you so much for kicking our asses to be our best selves. I had the best time learning to be a proper instructor.

Marsha Ahmed

Awesome experience!

Ha valido la pena esperar tanto tiempo para sacar el IDC contigo cabronazo!  Ha sido una pasada, muchas gracias!

Pelayo Gutierrez
Bohol Divers Club

Ha sido un placer

Ha sido un placer, gracias por tu paciencia, tu ayuda y conocimiento. Puta maquina Tron! Muchas gracias! Arigatou Sensei!!! 😀

Luis Candelas

Good memories

Doing your IDC with Ben is more than just studying and preparing for the IE. It is a lot of fun, good memories, new friends and most important: an unforgettable adventure. After the 2 weeks with Ben you are more than prepared for your IE”




Jorgos Drossinakis

Tresher shark IDC

Ben was my course Director during my IDC and he was unreal, didn’t just teach us how to pass the IE but taught us how to be good reliable, professional Instructors also. He made the course fun and engaging even the boring theory parts and especially the in water components. If we ever had any troubles he was always happy to help us out of course hours to make sure we understood everything. He always knew when to push us to ensure we grew from dive masters to great instructors ready for the real world. I can highly recommend doing your IDC with Ben, you wouldn’t regret it!!

Jack Norton

Jack Norton
Cebu dive center

Great IDC in Malapascua!

Thank you so much for making everything happens!!!

Ben Meerhaeghe I have said it many times but again you are super awesome course director!

James Carter
Tsz Wty awesome buddy to learn and grow together with.

Padi instructors rock!