7 Reasons to do your IDC with Seaquest Dive Center, Panglao, Philippines.

Seaquest boat

1. Outstanding facilities

Doing your instructor training at our facilities in Oasis resort allows you to inmerse yourself completely in the content of the course without many distractions.  We have a cozy airconditioned classroom, with lots of windows where you can work on your theory and participate in the lectures.  The dry workshops you will be doing in the garden by the pool or on the terrace overlooking Alona beach.
While you are working on your knowledge development the resort staff will be happy to serve you some fresh juices or a cafe latte to keep awake.  As an instructor candidate you get a 20% discount on the food and drinks you order during the IDC.
The beautiful swimming pool is a close walk away from the classroom, set in an oasis of palmtrees and native plants.  We can go there as much we need to for scheduled or additional training. 

We have a comfortable boat to our disposition when we need to go out to the reef for some open water training.  We try to conduct as many sessions we can so you get plenty of time to build up your confidence teaching underwater and at the surface in real-life conditions.

2. Platinum Course Director

The IDC is conducted by PADI CD Ben Meerhaeghe.  With two years back to back experience teaching IDC's across Asia and the Middle east you are guaranteed to pass your IE and feel ready to start working in the dive industry.

3. Amazing infrastructure around the IDC center

Located in the heart of Alona beach, you are surrounded by restaurants, bars, gyms and even cinemas.  While  you are doing your training in a remote idyllic location, the shopping malls of the neighbouring city are only a stone-throw away.  On your day off you can explore the many natural wonders of the island, maybe even have a look at some of the caves or waterfalls in Bohol

4. Lovely and experienced staff

The PADI IDC takes place in Seaquest Dive Center itself, where the crew and the dive-team are always happy to help us during the training.  We often get assisted by some of our local divemasters and helpful instructors during the inwater-practice in the pool as well as the ocean.

5. Driven by passion for diving

Our Instructor Development Courses are characterized by a very thorough training.  We don't cut corners and use your time on this two week program as efficiently as possible.  We do more than the minimum amount of required dives and make sure you will pass the instructor exam as a natural result of your austere training. Not only will you pass the exam with flying colors, we make sure you will feel ready to actually work as a professional dive instructor afterwards.

6. We assist with you seeking employment

After finishing your training you will obviously want to go out in the field and look for a job.  If we have an open position at our dive center, of course our first choice will be one of our own IDC candidates.  If we are fully staffed however we try to help you find work by deploying our network of contacts in the dive industry here on the island and around the Philippines.  We are consistently making more new dive instructors and so far in the last two years about 85% has been working right after the course.  We hope to be able to grow an employment board in the future as well.  

7. MSDT program

The excitement doesn't stop at the end of the instructor examination.  There is time for celebration but right after finishing we usually start with the Specialty training straight away.  We guarantee the spec training to be practical so you will be ready to teach any of the specialties you want to develop.  You can choose out of a huge array of different specs like deep, wreck, nitrox, photography, naturalist, UW Navigation, even sidemount,....
This is where the real fun starts.  Still buzzing after the IE party you get ready for some really good diving around Panglao.  We visit the best dive sites or just go exploring new ones!!! 

night dive

To sum it all up, you will be in good hands when you come do your IDC training with us here in Panglao.  We hope to see you for your divemaster training as well if you are not a dive professional yet!!!


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